What are the standard buckle sizes?

Oval and Scalloped Edge 3 ½” X 4 ½”

Smaller Square  3 ½” X 4”

Larger PeeWee 3” X 4”

Smaller PeeWee 2 ½” X 3 ½”

Custom sizes up to 4 ½” no charge.

Sizes over 4 ½” available for an additional fee.


What does the price include?



*General logos/brands/custom logos

*Custom designed image preview before final order


How long does it take to get an order?

Please allow 4-5 weeks for us to finish your order and roughly 2-5 days shipping in the U.S. and 7-10 days Canadian. All other areas please ask for shipping times.


How much does shipping usually cost?

Shipping is based off of order size but usually runs $20-$50 max for ground in the USA. Exact estimate will be given when you provide order details.


How much money do you require down?

We require 50% of the order down on all orders and the balance when your item(s) are ready to ship out.



What methods of payment do you accept?

*Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express through Quickbooks


*Cashier’s check or Money order

*Club check with permission


What stone colors are available?

*Dark Blue

*Light Blue










*Real Turquoise


How do I care for my products?

*“Sterling overlay” and jewelers bronze products should be cared for by using a soft cloth, mild soap and water, polishing cloth or a very mild silver cleaner. Do not use aerosol or abrasive silver polishes as this will result in damage to your product.

*Steel Buckles/ spurs should be cared for by using a soft cloth or polishing cloth and polish lightly.  Use light mineral oil or wax on “browning” or “blued steel”.  Humidity will tend to rust product.  Do not use jewelry cleaner, silver paste, aerosol or any other liquid silver cleaner.  This will damage your product.

*“Sterling overlay”, solid sterling silver, 1/10 10KT and all carat gold and solid gold buckles/product should be cared for by a liquid jewelry cleaner, polishing cloth, or sudsy ammonia.  Do not use aerosol silver cleaners or silver polish pastes.

How do I order?

The order process is simple you can email, call or fill out the contact form with your info to order. We also accept orders over facebook and text as well.

What we need:

Event Date:

Quantity needed:

Lettering and logos needed:

Model numbers/Custom info request:

Stone colors:

Special Requests:

Please email all artwork, logos, brands etc that you would like on the items you will be ordering so we can incorporate them into your image proofs. If you do not see an image on the website that suits your needs please contact us and we can work on getting a custom piece designed for you that is no problem.

[email protected]

Phone: 575-640-8090

Styling, Stones and Finished Product Questions? 

We try and get the orders as close to the photos as possible, some models are older so you will get a more modern version if that is available. Each item is handmade so they will vary slightly due to the handmade nature, so the photos are just a general reference of style. The stones are chosen due to what is available from our suppliers and the time frame we are given for the orders, so if we have to make a substitution on size or shape etc, we will in order to meet your deadline. Same thing goes for paint colors we will get the best color to match your request and remember the colors on the computer screen will vary slightly depending on screen color and the lighting the photos were taken in.

Sketches and Order Finalizing? 

We make a sketch of every single item that is ordered from us, to avoid mistakes since we look at so many orders a day we require that you look over the sketch to verify that all elements (style, logos, lettering, colors etc) are correct before production. Once you agree to the sketch, that is the binding correct that all items were correct to you and no further changes were needed and we are ok to make the item as it was shown to you. Any errors that are tied to an approved sketch will be paid for in full by the customer for a new item or redo whichever is best at that time. If the error is outside of the sketch on our end we will do a new item or redo that item whichever we choose to be more feasible for the situation.